Alkaline Water For the World

Alkaline Water For The World

Real Alkaline Water Introduction:

So, when it comes to YOUR HEALTH, what is it that YOU WANT?  Do you have a GOAL to have Health & Wellness in Your Life?  Do you have a problem you want to address?  Then, you should be drinking “chemical FREE” Real Alkaline Water.  Which is the best & healthiest drinking water you can put in your body.

Now, check out this educational video presented by Aldrin Vicente, about Enagic’s Water Technology Systems.  Pay close attention while Aldrin demonstrates how Real Alkaline Water can improve and maintain your True Health & Wellness.  And, so many other great uses from this remarkable device.

Balancing your body’s pH is a great way to stay healthy!

At Alkaline Water For The World, we’re here to help you make an Investment in your Health & Wellness!

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This Is Why You Should Choose Enagic’s Water Technology Systems!

Drinking Real Alkaline Water has many benefits, including:


Deeply hydrates your body at the cellular level and is a powerful anti-inflammatory.


Returns the body to homeostasis - (optimal functionality), increases immunity and disease fighting ability.


High anti-oxidant content neutralizes free radicals and the micro-clustered water absorbs quicker into your body.


Promotes better sleep, more energy and weight loss.


Supports healthy digestion and balances your body's pH.


Improves athletic performance with optimal hydration.


Increases blood oxygenation and promotes healthy skin.

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Alkaline Ionized Water

Water is an essential part of being healthy, so we must drink enough of it. However, it is also important that we drink water that benefits us, because a lot of water out there has harmful chemicals within it. These chemicals can come from many sources; such as plastic, toxins, and debris from our environment. Alkaline Water For The World is proud to introduce Enagic’s Water Technology Machines. They have many benefits, and we hope that the word spreads throughout Florida, across the United States and to other Countries around the World.

Some of you may not know how this type of water is created. The Enagic Water Technology Machine is an appliance that can lower or raise pH levels within the water. Essentially, electrolysis takes place to separate water from alkaline and acidic components. That is why the drinking water is called Kangen Alkaline Water! Many brands claim to benefit from drinking their water, but these are mostly marketing strategies.  Also, many brands do not do anything different than regular tap water, other than simple filtering. 

Where many other brands end is where Enagic begins.  You can be sure that this type of medical grade water is healthier for you. That’s why we are excited to share the Enagic Kangen Alkaline Water story with you!

Alkaline Ionized Water Benefits

There are many alkaline water benefits that we want you to know about so you can start incorporating this water into your daily regimen. First, this water will hydrate your body more than any other water because it can reach your cells and is also an anti-inflammatory. Second, your body returns to a state called homeostasis, which is when your immune system boosts and can fight off illnesses easily. Third, this water absorbs very quickly within your body due to the micro-clustering during the electrolysis process.

It also neutralizes your body overall with anti-oxidants. Fourth, you will have more energy because you are hydrated from this water.  It will help you lose weight and promote better sleep. Fifth, it helps your digestive system to function normally. Sixth, it will improve your performance athletically due to maintaining optimal hydration. Seventh, your skin will become healthier, because your blood oxygenation will increase. These benefits have been proven, and they are all positive effects for your body.

No Risks With Alkaline Water

Usually, with positives come negatives, but this is not the case for Real Alkaline Water.  There are no downsides to drinking this water.  We encourage you to incorporate it into your daily routine right away. You can easily purchase an Enagic Water Technology Machine, and your body will thank you in many ways.  You will be happy and satisfied with the results, when you dedicate yourself to drinking this water every day.

For me personally, I remember before I discovered Enagic’s Alkaline Water going back to 2015.  I had been very sick for years and I was getting frustrated with a lack of any improvement.  For reference, see My Story. I went online and started searching for health alternatives.  From 2015 to 2017, I learned a lot but nothing seemed to be the right fit for me.  I needed something that could really improve my life and my physical condition in a very positive way.

Fortunately, in September of 2017, I came across Enagic.  A Japanese company established in 1974, that created medical grade Water Technology Machines.  I figured not only did I have nothing to loose … but potentially I had everything to gain.  So, I purchased an Enagic Water Technology Machine.  I started drinking this incredible medical grade water every day and from there my life has improved for the better.  You should drink Kangen Alkaline Water daily and watch your life improve too!

Sustainability & Alkaline Water

Our team is passionate about helping you and helping the planet at the same time.  Our Real Alkaline Water can accomplish both.  People will be less likely to purchase plastic water bottles and waste other materials due to drinking bottled water.  You will be healthier overall with the various benefits that come with drinking this unique Real Alkaline Water.

After you purchase your Enagic Water Technology Machine, you can put Health & Wellness into your life.  As you drink Real Alkaline Water daily, watch how much better you feel.  Then, you can stop going to the store routinely to stock up on bottled water.  And finally, you can say goodbye to bottled water all together and say hello to Real Alkaline Water!

Personally, what a difference Real Alkaline Water has made in my life.  Every morning when I have my first glass of Real Alkaline Water, I always say this to myself.  “Wow, I can’t believe how good this water tastes!”  I only wish I had discovered this remarkable water years ago.  So, I hope you will join us and put Real Alkaline Water into your life as well.

Contact me and I will be glad to help you to enjoy a healthier life!

To your Health & Wellness,

Richard K.


Disclaimer:  This is not medical advise.  The results detailed above are specific to Richard K.  This is what I experienced myself and is not necessarily what another person may experience.  In addition, drinking Alkaline, Ionized, Anti-Oxidant & Micro-Clustered Water every day, (made through electrolysis), has dramatically improved my life!

Want to hear how Enagic’s Real Alkaline Water has changed others’ lives?

Check out these reviews!

Alkaline Water For the World

We love our machine!


I can’t imagine our home without our Kangen machine. We use it for sanitizing so we won’t have to use harsh chemicals around our pets. The alkaline water is great. I felt a cold coming on and after drinking Kangen Water, it was breaking down like magic. I can’t tell you how great that felt. Definitely get one!

– Zavae and Jessica C.

An Amazing Machine!

I’ve been using this for some time now and let me tell you, this is just absolutely wonderful! It really changed my life in a way to where I’m actually feeling more spunk in the things I do. My job has a lot of labor work and I’ve really noticed a difference after drinking this water. I’m less sluggish than before and I have a lot more energy.

– Destin T.

Fantastic Machine!

I wish I had known about this fantastic Kangen water a long time ago. I have used this Kangen water machine since 2019. It improves my health condition, and I am satisfied as a good result of my health.

– Kim H.

Kangen Water Works

Kangen Water has improved my life. I only wish I had found this 20 years ago. However, better late than never. Now, I enjoy the health benefits of Kangen Alkaline Water every day. You should too!

– Sergio G.

Great Information

Your information about Kangen Alkaline Water is FANTASTIC!

– John P.

Definitely Recommend

I had a customer a year or so ago that wrote “Kangen Water” down on a piece of paper for me and told me this was the only change she had made in her life and her health was improving consistently. I’m happy I found your website so I can continue to pass it on!

– Suzette B.


I have been looking for a Kangen representative but have not been able to find one. You don’t have to convince me. I know about this water!
– Quintella G.

Another Happy Person

After seeing the Enagic video presentation, I decided it was time to take action and I purchased the Enagic Water Technology machine. Now, I’m excited about putting health & wellness in my life by drinking Kangen Alkaline Water every day!

– James W.


Thank you very much indeed. May God bless you and keep you young forever. Kangen Water is amazing and it works for me too!

– Nancy B.

Truly Amazing!

My close friends Richard & Maria, introduced me to Kangen Alkaline Water in 2017. For me, it was a no-brainer & a slam dunk! I knew I had to put my health & wellness first. Now, I have been drinking Kangen Alkaline Water for over three years and I rarely get sick, my skin looks better and I feel good!! Makes me look younger. I can’t go without it!!! It’s been a BLESSING in my life!!

– Kelvin T.

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At Alkaline Water For The World, we want you to live a long and healthy life.  Which is why we love promoting and sponsoring Enagic’s Water Technology Machines.  This medical grade water provides more benefits than anything else you can consume.  So, we hope that you try it and eventually dedicate yourself to it.  Contact us if you have any questions and if you are ready to purchase your Enagic Water Technology Machine.  To Your Health & Wellness!  Richard K. 

Why buy an Enagic Water Technology System?

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