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Balance the pH of Your Body

Balance the pH of Your Body

When your pineal gland stops producing the right amount of melatonin, it’s a signal that it needs help!  To enhance the pineal gland’s function, many doctors advise patients to drink alkaline ionized water.  Here at Alkaline Water For The World, we promote and Sponsor medical grade Enagic Kangen Alkaline Ionized Water Machines.  And, many people who purchased an Enagic Water Technology Machine have attested to the remarkable positive impact on their Health & Wellness. 

The Effectiveness Of Alkaline Ionized Water On The Pineal Gland

The only bio-available and safe water for activating the pineal gland and the whole body is ionized.  These Enagic Water Technology Machines use electrolysis to produce water that duplicates the cell’s natural membranes.  Also, this allows water to get to the cells to hydrate and heal.  Ionized water is a natural way to fulfill the gland’s need, which keeps organs healthy—making it possible for your body to produce its natural hormones and function properly. 

Medical experts have proved alkaline ionized water to be one of the most effective liquid antioxidants to rebuild the immune system.  Ionized water meets the body’s need for more minerals.  This is because electrolysis changes the inorganic minerals in the water to organic minerals.  Also, if your body has excess minerals, the ionized water helps to remove the extra minerals from your body.

Common Symptoms Of Pineal Gland Dysfunction

Some of the signs include: 

  • Restless sleep 
  • Lack of mental clarity 
  • Depression
  • Headaches
  • Anxiety

It is best to understand that these symptoms could also indicate a different ailment in the body.  But, what should you do when these symptoms are linked to a weak or ineffective pineal gland?  Drink alkaline ionized water!  Since calcification is the common reason your pineal gland could malfunction, you can reverse the case or prevent it by drinking alkaline ionized water.

Other Benefits Of Ionized Water

  1. Deep Hydration- Ionized water profoundly hydrates the body at a cellular level and is regarded as a potent anti-inflammatory. 
  2. Healthy Digestion- If you have a problem with digestion, you won’t go wrong with ionized water. This is because it balances the body’s pH. 
  3. Returns The Body To Homeostasis- This is regarded as optimal functionality and stability of the body.
  4. Promotes Blood Oxygenation– Alkaline water is efficient for increasing blood oxygenation. It also promotes healthy skin as well. 
  • Better Sleep And Athletic Performance- With alkaline water, you can sleep better and get more energy. This, in turn, makes you fit for athletic performance. After all, athletes benefit the most by maintaining optimal hydration.

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    Undeniably, one of the best ways to stay healthy is to balance your pH level!  And interestingly, that’s what alkaline ionized water does. Would you love to improve your Health & Wellness with this water?  Are you interested in getting quality alkaline ionized water that fits your system in the Tampa Bay Area?  At Alkaline Water For The World, you can obtain expert advice on what fits your needs.  Do you have questions?  Contact Us today, and we will be happy to answer all your questions on how alkaline ionized water can benefit you.


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