Balance the pH of Your Body

Anespa DX

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    Price: $2,890.00

    (Note: See Product Description Below:)

      Enagic Water Technology Machine / K-8

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      Product Description

      Enjoy the soothing feeling of being in a Hot Spring Resort everyday!  Take pleasure in the relaxing effects of ANESPA DX’s mineral-ion water.

      Ensures removal of virtually 100% of residual chlorine.

      The cartridge purification system effectively removes chlorine and bacteria, leaving you with a fresh, invigorating feeling.

      Contains a blend of natural hot spring ingredients and minerals, giving you the feeling that you’re enjoying a pleasant hot spring and taking advantage of the mineral ion water.  Relax and enjoy!

      Highly effective against skin deterioration and freckles.

      Protect your delicate skin from the harmful effects of tap water. Active charcoal filter Futama-ceramic inner filter.

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