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Balance the pH of Your Body

Balance the pH of Your Body

Recent interest in Cooking With Real Alkaline Water has been increasing.  Many Cooks, Kitchen Managers & Chefs say that cooking with Real Alkaline Water has many health benefits.  Real Alkaline Water enhances the flavor of many foods as well.  For reference, check out this detailed information from Restaurant Owners & Operators, located under Videos.

What Is Alkaline Water?

Water that has been ionized and whose pH level has been increased is known as alkaline water. On a scale from 0 to 14, the pH level of water indicates how acidic or alkaline it is.  Alkaline water is excellent for drinking and cooking.  Whereas, high alkaline water is excellent for cleaning fruits & vegetables and for general household cleaning.  Active Hydrogen, (now known as Alkalized or Alkaline Water), is created through electrolysis.  Real Alkaline Water will not make you excessively alkaline.  However, it will assist your body by removing acidic wastes & toxins from your body and from within your cells.  Another benefit is that Alkaline Water helps to balance the pH of your body.

Alkaline Antioxidant Water for Cooking.

How can you use Alkaline antioxidant water for cooking? To get excellent results, you should examine the optimal pH level for the type of meal you are preparing. When you cook with a strong alkaline of 9.5pH to 11.5pH, the flavor of the soup, vegetables, and various meats will become enhanced. However, some items, such as rice, will taste better if the alkaline level is reduced to 8.5pH to 9.0pH. The pH of the water from your Enagic Water Technology Ionizer Machine should be between 8.5pH and 9.5pH for drinking. For cooking, though, we’ll use the high setting on the Enagic Water Ionizer to create concentrated alkaline water with 11.5pH.

Is Alkaline Water Good For Cooking?

While Alkaline Water of 11.5pH isn’t recommended for drinking, it offers many advantages for cooking.  So, if you are using alkaline water in your cooking, it will help keep the flavors of the foods more consistent. Rather than breaking them down the way acidic water would. It can also level out overly acidic or bitter dishes, giving them a more balanced flavor.

Benefits Of Alkaline Water In Cooking.

Before you begin the cooking procedure, wash the vegetables with high (11.5pH) Alkaline Water. This cleaning technique will aid in the removal of pesticides and other chemicals or bacteria from the surface. In addition, soaking in Alkaline Water before cooking can aid in tenderizing the food and improving it’s flavor. Cooking with slightly Alkaline Water helps many foods retain their flavor while reducing the bitterness and acidity of others. In many instances, Alkaline Water helps keep most of the nutrients of the components in the meal, while also improving the flavor.

Alkaline Water Has Acid Balancing Properties.

Alkaline Water remains popular for its acid-balancing properties.  It’s also a must-have for improving the texture and taste of foods.  Typically soaking raw meat in Alkaline Water before cooking, helps to preserve the taste during the cooking process.  It can also tenderize your meat; making it taste better.

Before boiling eggs, soak them in Alkaline Water to make them simpler to peel.  To produce a fluffier product, use Alkaline Water instead of tap water when baking.  Also, to make scrambled eggs or an omelet fluffier, use Alkaline Water.


Alkaline Water has numerous health benefits.  It aids in reducing acidity and restoring the pH balance in the body.  Also, Alkaline Water functions as an antioxidant.  While assisting in neutralizing free radicals that can cause cellular and DNA damage.  Kangen Alkaline Water is micro-clustered.  Which makes it easier for water to penetrate the body to the cellular level.  And, it increases the level of oxygen in the bloodstream.

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