Balance the pH of Your Body

Looking for a great Business Opportunity?  You have come to the right place at the right time.  Discover the next Mega-Trend!  Learn about the Enagic Company and how to promote and sponsor Enagic’s Water Technology Machines to your family, friends, businesses, groups and people around the World.  All while getting paid to help people put Health & Wellness into their lives!


Watch this outstanding Enagic Business Opportunity video hosted by Aldrin Vicente!  Here is a detailed explanation of what this business is all about, how it works and why this is so important to everyone everywhere worldwide.  Also, how Enagic will gladly give you a Thank You check every time you help another person to put Health & Wellness into their life.  Remember, Enagic’s Business Opportunity is the next Mega Trend!  Before you know it, Enagic’s Water Technology Machines will be a common appliance in most modern or updated kitchens.  And, you can be a part of making that happen!

Enagic’s Compensation & Lifestyle Plan.


In Part 1), The Enagic Founder, Hironari Oshiro, explains the purpose and philosophy of the Enagic company.  The combined overall theme of Enagic is True Health.  In Part 2), Enagic explains the rank and compensation plan for Distributors.  And then, in Part 3), Successful Enagic Distributors reveal their personal testimonies about how they achieved the Distributor rank of 6A.

Daniel Dimacale – Million Dollar Secrets!


 Successful Enagic Distributor, Daniel Dimacale, presents the Enagic Model SD-501 Water Technology Machine.  Learn about the important benefits and multiple uses available from this remarkable medical grade devise.

When you purchase an Enagic Water Technology Machine, you also receive a free Independent International Distributorship!

Current Promotions:

1) The Enzyme Factor” FREE with any Enagic Machine purchase. Valid 1/01/2023 to 3/31/23.

How To Order:

Step 1: Fill out one of the order forms below; including the Enagic USA, Inc. Return Policy form and the W-9 form.
Step 2: Scan the necessary documents and email to: for verification and Sponsor signature.

(Note: The Sponsor, (Gulfwind Properties, Inc. — Enagic Independent Distributor ID: #6816276), will send the completed forms to Enagic USA, Inc. for processing. Enagic USA, Inc. handles processing of all transactions, including financing, credit, product delivery, service and warranty.)

Step 3: When your Enagic Water Technology System arrives, follow the detailed video installation instructions (included) and start enjoying and sharing the Health & Wellness benefits of drinking Enagic’s Kangen Alkaline Water made fresh every day!  To Your Health & Wellness, .. Richard K.

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