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Balance the pH of Your Body

Balance the pH of Your Body

Recently, a woman visited my website and left this message.  I’m Young, I Don’t Need Kangen Alkaline Water!  It seemed that she wasn’t interested, so I didn’t think anymore about it.  However, a couple weeks later she contacted me again to learn about Kangen Alkaline Water.  So, I showed her a video presentation regarding the Enagic Water Technology Machines.  And, we discussed the remarkable values this unique healthy water could bring to her life.  At first, she seemed very interested and wanted to know more.  But, the more she learned, the more distant she became.

Of course, I wanted her to make an informed decision to serve her best interests of Health & Wellness.  When suddenly she repeated this again.  I’m Young … I Don’t Need Kangen Water!  I responded, “that may be true if you’re a baby.”  According to researchers, most humans are already born on the alkaline side—about 7.365 pH on average.  So, Enagic’s neutral water is great for babies and infants.  Then, as she left, I wished her well and said I am here to help you if you change your mind.

Change Your Water … Change Your Life!

Then, about a month later, I received another call from this woman. She was interested to learn more about Kangen Alkaline Water. I asked her what changed her mind? She said she was reading my personal story About Me on my website. Towards the end of my story, she noticed that I was talking about the Enagic motto: “Change Your Water … Change Your Life!” That inspired her to learn more and to be open-minded. She also noticed that I offered FREE samples of Kangen Water. Then, she asked: “Is that true that you will let me try the Kangen Water for FREE?” Of course, many people come to us to learn about and try the Kangen Alkaline Water. We call that a water trial. We let you try the water and see how it can make a positive difference in your life.

Your Body Is Communicating With You!

So, now you begin your Kangen Alkaline Water trial. Pay attention to the signals your body is sending to you. Take note of how your body responds to balancing your pH (potential Hydrogen) levels.  And, how you feel overall by achieving and maintaining optimal hydration.

In my personal story, About Me, I explained how I noticed many positive changes. For example, I noticed I was sleeping better, and I felt less stressed. After a month, I had more energy, and my abdominal pain was going away. After three months, my headaches ceased, and the joint pain I had for years was gone. This was an incredible journey that showed positive results right from the start. It worked in many ways, and all I needed to do was keep drinking Kangen Alkaline Water daily. From these positive benefits, Kangen Alkaline Water has become part of my routine daily Health & Wellness program.

I’m Young, I Don’t Need Kangen Alkaline Water!

Like the woman at the beginning of this story, she was inspired to learn more and be open-minded. She took action and decided to put Health & Wellness at the center of her life. Are you inspired, and are you willing to be open-minded too? Then, it’s time for you to take action! It’s time for you to invest in your own Enagic Water Technology Machine!

Remember, time waits for no one.  The Future is Now!  And, Kangen Alkaline Water is here to put Health & Wellness into your life!  So, don’t wait any longer.  Contact Me, and I will be happy to help you get started.

To Your Health & Wellness,

Richard K.

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