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Balance the pH of Your Body

Balance the pH of Your Body

When I am presenting the many health benefits of Enagic’s Water Technology Machines, I always focus on the primary goal. Invest in Your Health & Wellness! Some people say it’s an expense. I say it’s one of the best investments you will ever make. Afer all, your Health IS your Wealth!

So, during and after my Enagic Kangen Water presentations, the responses I get from people can vary greatly. Everything from: “I’m already healthy, I’m not thirsty, It’s too expensive, I don’t feel dehydrated, or I’m kind of skeptical.” Regardless of my Enagic presentation, I realize that people are ready for Health & Wellness when They are ready.

For myself, I am focused on a Health & Wellness lifestyle. And, once I made that choice my life improved for the better.  And now, I encourage others to make an informed and educated decision as well.  So, any time is a good time to choose a Health & Wellness lifestyle!

You Can Lead A Horse To Water …

Have you heard that phrase before? You should read my Blog story “You Can Lead A Horse To Water …?” I wrote that story for some family members and a few close friends. Even though the Kangen Alkaline Water could have helped all of them, they each decided to wait. They each decided to accept the physical problems they were experiencing, instead of giving this unique medical grade alkaline water a chance. Although they knew that I give away FREE samples of Kangen Alkaline Water if they live in my local area. Even then, they still chose to wait.

The Beauty Of Procrastination.

Years ago when I lived up in New England, I learned how some people would procrastinate. Up North, some people would say: “Why bother doing today, what I can put off till tomorrow!” But, down South here in Florida, I quickly learned that some people would say: “Why bother doing tomorrow, what I can put off till next week!” I would laugh, if that wasn’t so sad. And, I’m sure you realize by now that there is NO beauty in procrastination. The only real beauty is in what you do to improve your situation.

Time Waits For No One!

As I have said before: “Time waits for no one!” We don’t know how much time we have to live during the course of our lives. Maybe we would be lucky if we lived a long life. But, to me, we would be even luckier if we lived a healthy and happy life! So, when I ask a stranger to finish this sentence: “Time is ….?” Most of the people I ask say: “Time is ….. Money.” Then, I would respectively disagree and suggest that: “Time is More Valuable than money!” Especially, when you can improve your life by adding Kangen Alkaline Water to your Health & Wellness program. And for me, that has lead to a healthier & happier life!

Are You Ready To Take Action?

It’s time for You to take action and move forward. Make a decision to put Health & Wellness into your life with Enagic’s Water Technology Machines today! Contact me and I will be happy to help you get started on your road to a healthier & happier life!

To Your Health & Wellness,

Richard K.

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