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Balance the pH of Your Body

Balance the pH of Your Body

Kangen Alkaline Water – What’s In It For You?  Kangen Alkaline Water improves and maintains Your Health & Wellness.  In addition, here are several other advantages you should consider.  Enagic’s Water Technology Machines produces five different types of water.  First, Acidic Water (2.5 pH) is for sanitizing and disinfecting.  Second, Beauty Water (6.0 pH) is for skin toning.  Third, Neutral Water (7.0 pH) is for drinking with meals or taking medication.  Fourth, Kangen Water (8.5 pH, 9.0 pH & 9.5 pH) is for maintaining optimal body hydration.  And Fifth, High Alkaline Water (11.5 pH) is for cleaning fruits and vegetables and breaking down oils on surfaces.  With all these advantages, Enagic is the best choice you can make when choosing a medical grade Water Ionizer.

Medical Grade Device Makes Real Alkaline Water.

Enagic’s Water Technology Machines use electrolysis to create real Alkaline Water.  This unique medical grade water has Active Hydrogen.  Which today is known as Alkaline Water.  In addition, Kangen Alkaline Water is Ionized and abundant with Anti-Oxidants.  The Anti-Oxidants help to neutralize Free Radicals in the body and maintain Health & Wellness overall.

How Important Is Micro-Clustered Kangen Alkaline Water?

Micro-Clustered Kangen Alkaline Water is created through the electrolysis process.  In addition, Micro-Clustered Water absorbs into the blood stream rapidly and quickly distributes throughout the body.  Especially, to your brain and other major organs.  Micro-Clustered Water works to improve and maintain your Optimal Hydration.  Not only for every day life, but also very important to physical activities like sports & exercise.

Bottled Drinking Water Is Acidic.

Performing a pH test on bottled waters shows they are Acidic and not very healthy for you.  Even bottled waters claiming to be Alkaline are generally made with chemicals.  And, when exposed to air, they turn from Alkaline to Acidic.  However, only Kangen Alkaline Water made through electrolysis maintains it’s Alkalinity and there are no chemicals added.  As a result, Kangen Alkaline Water is real Alkaline Water!

Make An Investment In Your Health & Wellness.

Remember that Enagic’s Water Technology Machines are NOT an Expense.  Your Enagic’s Water Technology Machine IS an Investment!  So, make an Investment in your Health & Wellness today.  After all, Your Health IS Your Wealth!

Purchase Your Enagic Water Technology Machine Today.

Your life deserves to have Health & Wellness come first.  Make a decision to INVEST in your own Enagic Water Technology Machine today!  Then, Contact Me and I will help you to get started on Your path to a Healthier Life!

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