Balance the pH of Your Body

Alkaline Water Videos

Pat Boone introduces Bob Gridelli.

This Enagic Kangen Water video is introduced by Pat Boone, as he explains the benefits of drinking Alkaline Water daily.  Then, watch Bob Gridelli demonstrate how Alkaline Water improves your body’s optimal hydration, helps to protect against disease, is micro-clustered for rapid absorption, has anti-oxidants and so much more!

David Sharp introduces Alkaline Water.

Daniel Dimacale introduces the Enagic Water Technology System SD-501.

Restaurants Using Alkaline Water.

To all Restaurant Owners, Kitchen Managers & Chefs of All Varieties.  This inside look at several Restaurant Operations poses the question:  “Can Alkaline Water really increase your Restaurant Business?”

Listen carefully, as Restaurant Owners describe their own personal experiences.  How Enagic’s Water Technology Machines are used to improve various aspects of Restaurant Operations.  And, why Alkaline Water is so effective.  Especially, for cooking!

Beverly Ram discusses the Benefits of Enagic’s Alkaline Water.

Cardiac Nurse, Beverly Ram, presents Alkaline Water and how it has impacted her life professionally and personally.  Especially, her Patients, her Family and her Friends.

What Doctors are saying about the benefits of Alkaline Water.

Just For Fun – Drink Real Alkaline Water and maybe You can dance like this too!

Another Fun Video – When I watch these people shuffle dancing, it reminds me of how I feel when I drink Real Alkaline Water!

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