Balance the pH of Your Body

I feel better with Alkaline Water.


Since I have been drinking Alkaline Water, I feel better, I sleep better and the stomach issues I had are gone, I used to get headaches all the time, but very seldom now.  Alkaline Water keeps me hydrated!

– William J.

We love our machine!


I can’t imagine our home without our Alkaline Water Machine. We use it for sanitizing so we won’t have to use harsh chemicals around our pets. The alkaline water is great. I felt a cold coming on and after drinking Kangen Water, it was breaking down like magic. I can’t tell you how great that felt. Definitely get one!

– Zavae and Jessica C.

An Amazing Machine!


I’ve been using this for some time now and let me tell you, this is just absolutely wonderful! It really changed my life in a way to where I’m actually feeling more spunk in the things I do. My job has a lot of labor work and I’ve really noticed a difference after drinking this water. I’m less sluggish than before and I have a lot more energy.

– Destin T.

Alkaline Water Works!


Alkaline Water has improved my life. I only wish I had found this 20 years ago. However, better late than never. Now, I enjoy the health benefits of Kangen Alkaline Water every day. You should too!

– Sergio G.

Truly Amazing!


My close friends Richard & Maria, introduced me to Alkaline Water in 2017. For me, it was a no-brainer & a slam dunk! I knew I had to put my health & wellness first. Now, I have been drinking Alkaline Water for over three years and I rarely get sick, my skin looks better and I feel good!! Makes me look younger. I can’t go without it!!! It’s been a BLESSING in my life!!

– Kelvin T.

Another Happy Person.


After seeing the Enagic video presentation, I decided it was time to take action and I purchased the Medical Grade Water Technology machine. Now, I’m excited about putting health & wellness in my life by drinking Kangen Alkaline Water every day!

– James W.

Fantastic Machine!


I wish I had known about this fantastic Alkaline .Water a long time ago. I have used this Kangen water machine since 2019. It improves my health condition, and I am satisfied as a good result of my health.

– Kim H.



Thank you very much indeed. May God bless you and keep you young forever. Alkaline Water is amazing and it works for me too!

– Nancy B.



I have been looking for an Alkaline Water representative but have not been able to find one. You don’t have to convince me. I know about this water!

– Quintella G.

Definitely Recommend!


I had a customer a year or so ago that wrote “Alkaline Water” down on a piece of paper for me and told me this was the only change she had made in her life and her health was improving consistently. I’m happy I found your website so I can continue to pass it on!

– Suzette B.

Great Information!


Your information about Real Alkaline Water is FANTASTIC!

– John P.

Thank you for your help.


Met Richard a while ago and got an Alkaline Water machine. It absolutely changed my health and it saved me money not having to buy bottled water.

– Scott W.

Alkaline Water Machine.


I met with Richard who introduced me to Enagic. I bought the LeveLuk JR-IV and love it. Richard has been a pleasure to work with.

– Tyler R.

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