Balance the pH of Your Body


I promote Real Alkaline Water, because it dramatically improved my life!  So, I want to help as many people as I can.  That’s why I call it “Alkaline Water For The World!

In 1995, I became very sick with a mystery illness. My doctors checked me for everything they knew about but could not determine what was actually wrong with me. They took their best guess and started medicating my symptoms. As the years went by, I became sicker and sicker with only one end in sight … passing away before my time.

For years I kept asking my doctors: “Is there anything I can do to improve my health or my situation?” The answer was always the same: “You’re doing everything you can.” Then, In 2015 and after twenty years of treating my symptoms, I decided there WAS something I could do. So, I started researching everywhere I could to learn as much as possible about my condition and what potential alternative remedies may exist.

My Story Continues …

Along the way, I discovered many new or alternative approaches to dealing with my health situation. I tried many natural cures and health alternatives. Some were not effective and some led to improvements. However, by chance in 2017, I came across a company from Japan called Enagic that invented a medical grade water technology device. This unique water technology device produces five (5) different types of water. In particular, high quality alkaline, ionized, antioxidant & micro-clustered drinking water using electrolysis. After everything I had been going through for years with no real signs of improvement, I figured I had nothing to lose and potentially everything to gain.

I Started Seeing Results.

Even though I was a initially skeptical, I decided to purchase the Enagic Water Technology Machine. From the moment the machine was hooked up and I started drinking this special water every day, I noticed many positive changes. Within a couple weeks, I noticed I was sleeping better and I felt less stress. After a month, I had more energy and my abdominal pain was going away. After three months, my headaches ceased and the joint pain I had for years was gone. Best of all, I felt like I was getting my life back.

My Fountain Of Youth.

That’s why I started calling this special water my Fountain of Youth! Call it what you may, but for me I simply felt younger and my health was improving. For the first time in many years, I felt a real sense of hopefulness for the present and the future. That’s what I want you to experience too.

Change Your Water, Change Your Life!

The Enagic company slogan is: “Change Your Water – Change Your Life!” I did and my health has steadily improved! Make a decision to put Health & Wellness in the center of Your Life! Then, Contact Me and I will help you to Change Your Water to Kangen Alkaline Water and Change Your Life too!

To Your Health & Wellness,

Richard K.


Disclaimer:  This is not medical advise.  The results detailed above are specific to Richard K.  This is what I experienced myself and is not necessarily what another person may experience.  In addition, drinking Alkaline, Ionized, Anti-Oxidant & Micro-Clustered Water every day, (made through electrolysis), has dramatically improved my life!


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